11 Historical Facts about Turkey

The place known as Troy with legendary Trojan Wars is located in western Turkey.

The oldest recognized human city is in Cathalohak, which is in central Turkey

11 Historical Facts about Turkey
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Saint Nicholas, known as Santa Claus, was born in Turkey.

Istanbul was formerly known as Constantinople. Istanbul was the capital of three empires for 2,000 years: Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine Empires.

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In Turkish public buildings, usually a black arrow is placed on their roof. It shows the direction of Mecca, which is considered to be the holiest place on earth for Muslims.

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Since 1750, there are institutions in Turkey that maintain the rights of women. it was one of the first countries that allowed women to vote.

Istanbul is the last station for the notorious Simplon Orient Express. This is called "King of trains and train of kings".

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Istanbul is famous for being the only city that is part of the two continents of Asia and Europe. Located in Europe, three percent of Istanbul, while 97% is located in Asia.

Istanbul tunnel is the world's second oldest underground railway system.

Tulip Flowers, a symbol of the Netherlands, was originally discovered in Turkey.

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Turkey is considered to be the home of the world's oldest settlements. The country was built 8,800 years ago. Hittites made an empire where they ruled for years. After the Trojan War, King Midas became a ruler in 700 BC. Constantine, a roman emperor built the city of Constantinople. Istanbul was formally established in 1923.

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