16 Times Hipsters Ruined Food In 2018

Remember avocado lattes?

I think just about everyone can agree that some pretty weird things happened in 2018 — especially when it comes to food.

From cookie dough-flavored hummus to avocado lattes, here are some of the worst crimes hipsters committed against food in 2018:

Hipsters turned anything into "unicorn" food...

And they made everything black, too.

People started drinking lattes out of avocados...

16 Times Hipsters Ruined Food In 2018

And putting it in anything and everything:

Chefs continued to use "whimsical" plates:



Like, reallllllly "whimsical" plates:

“What do we want?” “Free sanitary products!” “When do we want them?” “Not while we’re eating dessert at an experimental Japanese restaurant, but thanks for the thought.” (Pic: @illicit_empress)


Hummus was disrespected over and over again:

Some bar in Canada served a cocktail with an amputated human toe in it:

Bottoms up! MT @Globe_Guide: Drinking a #SourToeCocktail in @DawsonCityYukon https://t.co/kHRFuwLWU4 @yukonhotels


Chefs continued to deconstruct their food despite public outrage:

Kale mades its way into everything...

Even guacamole wasn't safe:

People made milk out of everything:

CBD oil started showing up in unexpected places...

Lady Gaga's iconic meat dress made a comeback:

More and more drinks were showing up in lightbulbs:

And finally, hipsters made rainbow pizza for some godforsaken reason:

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