21-year-old woman dragged out of car, raped by 10 men

21-year-old woman dragged out of car, raped by 10 men

A 21-year-old woman was dragged out of a car and allegedly raped by 10 men near Issewal village in Punjab’s Ludhiana, police said today.

The woman was travelling with a man on Saturday night when their car was stopped by men on three bikes, who were following them, Superintendent of Police (Investigation) Tarun Rattan told reporters.

As soon as they stopped, the car was attacked by the men with stones and bricks, he said.

The men on bikes then dragged them out of the car and took them to a vacant spot on the banks of the canal. They called six to seven more people and raped the woman, police said.



Shankar T837

what we have achieved till now after independence ?? all these politician are fighting against our pm instead they never bothered about india and there people.shame on these politician we are going back to stone age very sad

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For rape cases in India, Arab country’s ka rule implement karna, all the politicians r not passing bill against rape cases , all politicians ko paisa madarchodon ko ,

4 Days ago

mohd bari

aam admi marraha hai Hindu Muslim mandir masjid ke jhagdon mai

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