Chanakya Niti 6 best lessons

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Chanakya know to be great politician and famous for its Niti which includes:

Chanakya Niti 6 best lessons
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  • One should never reveal its goal till he/she achieve it. Hard work for the goal also should be done in silence. Because positive response from people may make you over-confident and negative response may effect your confidence and moral as per human behavior.
  • A mere trickles of tiny drops water can fill the pitcher which we call it in modern days as compound effect, which implies small steps toward knowledge and wealth , one day eventually make you dignified and rich person.
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  • If you want to learn and want to be successful then get out of your comfort zone first as every person face discomfort while facing/learning new things.
  • Learn courtesy from princes, sweet speeches from learned scholars, lying from gamblers. Here, he meant to say that learn only from the experts.
  • To control a person you should what motivated them for example to control a robber use money as greed.
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  • A man comes alone and meet his/her end alone hence you should not relay on anybody, learn to make your own decision.

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