Ferrari totalled in high-speed crash in Sydney’s southwest

Police are searching for two men involved in totalling a Ferrari and fleeing the scene in southwest Sydney last night. The car had no plates.

A white sports car with no registration plates was found dumped in Sydney’s southwest last night following a high-speed crash.

The Ferrari 488, estimated to be worth more than half a million dollars, was driven through a wall at about 9pm last night, witnesses say. The driver was apparently speeding down 15th Ave in Austral when he lost control.

Ferrari totalled in high-speed crash in Sydney’s southwest

The driver lost control as another vehicle turned into a place of worship. Picture: TNVSource:Supplied

The vehicle ploughed through a fence, rolling and landing on its roof in a drain. Picture: TNVSource:Supplied

Two people allegedly freed themselves from the wreck and ran off. Picture: TNVSource:Supplied

Two men allegedly freed themselves from the wreck before bolting from the scene.

“Police still haven’t located the driver,” a NSW Police spokeswoman told Nine.

“They are looking into the incident and will make inquiries into the owner of the vehicle.”

This particular model can reach 100km/h in about three seconds, with a top speed of 330km/h.

Police and a fire crew attended the scene. Picture: TNVSource:Supplied

Police reportedly used dogs in an attempt to track the offenders with no luck. Picture: TNVSource:Supplied

Police are still investigating. Picture: TNVSource:Supplied




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