Finally, Reliance Jio gave this good news that made the customers happy...

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We all know that last week, Reliance Jio dropped a bomb on its subscribers, announcing that users would have to pay for outgoing calls by December 31, 2019. Jio has implemented call charges to pay IUC charges as Jio was required to pay to other operators. There has been a huge controversy over Jio's move and all customers along with other operators are criticizing Jio about this. However, Jio has now given some relief to the customers, which is very happy news for the customers.

Finally, Reliance Jio gave this good news that made the customers happy...
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According to a report by Telecom Talk, Reliance Jio is currently trying to reduce the shock of paid outgoing calls by offering free IUC minutes to its customers. All Jio users who are currently performing a new recharge on their Jio numbers will get 30 minutes of free IUC minutes for outgoing calls to other networks.

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Jio has not announced this publicly but the new recharging customers are being notified by SMS. This is good news for those who are wondering what to do after getting a new recharge.

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Although Jio's offer is for a limited time only, the report mentions that only customers with free talk time will be recharged within seven days of the announcement date. Therefore, by this logic, every Jio user who recharges before 17 October, i.e. on Thursday, should get 30 minutes of free talk time. This may be sufficient for frequent callers by the end of the month. Jio says that it has paid about 13,000 crore rupees as IUC charges to other operators.

Source: India Today

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well, the 30 minutes talktime that Jio will offer is only valid for 7 days . You wrote an essay out of a small news but forgot to mention that I guess 😁

8 Months ago