Go with the flow, says AIIMS topper Bhavik Bansal

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Go with the flow, says AIIMS topper Bhavik Bansal
Bhavik Bansal.

NEW DELHI: After acing the NEET Entrance in Delhi, Bhavik Bansal, went one up by netting the all India number one rank at the AIIMS MBBS exam on Thursday.

A jubilant Bhavik said, “I was pretty confident of getting through AIIMS Delhi, my dream college. That’s the most I wanted. Rank one is just an upgrade I desired.”

His father R K Bansal, a senior account officer, said that there were no doctors in the family yet Bhavik always wanted to be one. His mother Seema Bansal is a Physics lecturer.

“When we prepare for the entrance, we practice one kind of a question 50 times. It would be better if we attempt different types of questions,” he said as a tip to the next batch.

“I didn’t even count the number of hours. I just went with the flow. I gave a reasonable amount of time to every topic. I focused on one topic for a week, forgetting about the other subjects,” he added.

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