How To Stay Safe While Traveling Internationally

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How To Stay Safe While Traveling Internationally

Traveling internationally can be an eye-opening and educational experience that might literally change the way you view the world. You can discover other places, foods and ways of viewing the world that are more enjoyable than anything you might experience in your own backyard. Still, it is important to remember to follow some safety guidelines while traveling outside of your country, since you are not as familiar with your surroundings and because there are some unscrupulous people wherever you might go who target foreigners.

Travel Tips To Note Down

When traveling internationally it is never a good idea to go alone. When you are alone you are more vulnerable to attacks of all kinds. A criminal will view two or more people as a greater threat to them if those people fight back or attempt to get help, whereas a single person can be subdued much more easily.

Gemma, owner of the volunteer in Africa site says “No matter how many people go with you on your trip, you should always let people behind know your itinerary.”

This means giving family members, friends or neighbors information about travel arrangements, where you will be staying and when you plan on returning. You should also make an effort to contact those people periodically during your trip to let them know you are okay.

Contact your government to file all the necessary paperwork long before you plan on traveling. You will need a passport and likely a visa to travel abroad, which can take a while to obtain. Many governments have atravel registration program you can sign up for that lets your government know where you will be during your trip and how you can be contacted. In the event of an emergency the government will contact you and provide instructions or assistance. Your government will also let you know of any potential threats where you are going.

Always avoid wearing clothing or jewelry that might be viewed as expensive. Often criminals who are looking for foreigners to rob will note if people are wearing jewelry or other items that look expensive. If so, these criminals will assume you have more expensive items and perhaps a fair amount of money on you. You should also avoid showing off any expensive personal electronics since those can also attract criminals.

If you must take a significant quantity of cash with you, carry it in a pouch or other device that keeps the money next to your body. Keeping large quantities of cash in your wallet or pockets makes you an easy target for a pickpocket. When you make a small purchase people might see you have plenty of bills in your wallet. If the money is literally pressed against your body under your clothing, people won’t know it’s there and can’t quietly take it from you.

Our Final Tip

Know the local laws and customs before you arrive. There are plenty of quality guides both online and at libraries or bookstores that supply information about international travel destinations. Learning the laws where you will be traveling as well as local customs will make your trip that much more pleasant and help you avoid running into trouble with the local authorities.

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