How to overcome regret and it’s negativity

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Regret is a powerful emotion that can break you and make your lose all your confidence from within. But once you learn to control and overcome your grief and regret, you’ll see that this world can be a great place to live in.

How to overcome regret and it’s negativity
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1. You regret that you are not able to spend quality time with your spouse?

2. You regret that you are not handling your children well?

3. You regret that you are not doing justice to your job?

4. You regret that you forgot your best friend’s birthday?

5. You regret that your dog died out of neglect?

6. You regret that you misbehaved at last night’s party, in which you drank like a fish?

7. It may be one of these, or anything else. But regret is inevitable.

8. A very strong statement to make, I know. But tell me, have you ever seen a person who has never ever regretted any of their moves.

“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves, regret for the past and fear of the future.” Fulton Oursler

Regret symbolizes the negative memories. The word ‘regret’ comes from the Old French word ‘regreter’ which means “bewail the dead”. Of all the negative emotions, regret is one of the most difficult to extricate as regret indicates, by definition, those actions of the past that we are unable to be change. The underlying factor is that regret cannot change the past, it only keep our mind locked within the past. The grieving is one of the greatest reasons for holding us back.

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