India also has a superstar in the world's top 5 action heroes

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There are many of us who like action films and today we are going to tell you about 5 big and legendary action heroes of the same country and world, who have millions of fans in the world of action films and who are the most Likes are also made and whenever an action film comes, the entire cinema becomes houseful.

So let's tell you about 5 action heroes

Sylvester Stallone

India also has a superstar in the world's top 5 action heroes
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Hollywood Sylvester Stallone is the number one actor on this list and his films are full of action. His most successful films are Rambo and Mission Impossible.

Dwayne Johnson

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WWE's most famous fighter Dwayne Johnson, or 'The Rock'. All his films are released world wide. Let me tell you that Dwayne Johnson started working in films since he left the WWE. He has surprised the entire Hollywood industry on the basis of his action.

Jackie Chan

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Actor Jackie Chan, who has become the most popular actor in China and does all the stunts of his film on his own, due to which he also gets many injuries which once became his life but despite this he All the scenes of his films play themselves.

Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee, who had made his mark in the world on the strength of his talent and courage, even though he is no longer in this world, but as much to be said about this great actor and real life hero, Bruce is very young Achieved so much success that it takes years for people to get it.

Akshay Kumar

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Akshay Kumar of Bollywood, ie Akshay Kumar, we all know this well and why not even Akshay Kumar is the only Bollywood star who himself does an action scene in his films, although Akshay is at the fifth place in this list but Bollywood In it they are counted in number one action hero.

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Bruce Lee? That's Jackie Chan. Sylvester Stallone in Mission Impossible? Did I go temporarily blind during the entire MI series!!! I think you meant to say "World's top 5 action heroes as per my dreams". Otherwise how can you explain a list without Tom Cruise, Jet Li, Tony Jaa. The only Indian who might figure in the top 20 would be Vidyut Jammwal. Please do some research before posting. I am sure you are not mentally retarded.

9 Months ago


when did Akshay match jecky Chan, Stallone,Bruce Lee..I think the author is crazy..Akshay is romantic comedy hero..not a great action hero

9 Months ago


Akshay kumar is not even in Indian top 5 😂 he's garbage

9 Months ago