Know why women gain weight after marriage

Know why women gain weight after marriage

Weight Gain in Women Post Marriage: Women's weight increases after marriage. Does this happen by having a physical relationship with a husband or other reasons? Know about this

Dietary changes: In-laws house, food is cooked according to the choices and habits of the people. If new family members eat more fat and carbohydrate, then the new bride has to eat the same, which increases their weight.

Outside food: Newly married couples often eat high calorie meals outside of home every second evening. It starts accumulating fat in the body and the weight begins to grow.

Social pressure: Everybody is pressurized to look beautiful before marriage, so girls take care of themselves. After the marriage, this pressure is not there and girls are ignoring fitness.

Hormonal changes: Various hormonal changes occur in the body due to changing lifestyle after marriage. These also cause weight gain.

Stress: After marriage, it is difficult for women to make adjustments in a new home and this increases the stress. Due to excessive stress, the consumption of food increases and there is also the problem of weight gain in front of women.

Irregular lifestyles: After marriage, women have to mold themselves according to others that they cannot set their own routine. In this way their weight increases.




but me after marriage in a year from 60kgs I became 55kgs I didn't gain weight at all because of my irritating saas.. Am I the only one who is tierd and frustrated bcuz of saas and bahu ka jagda?

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all reasons reasons are not correct

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All articles on UC are like a 5th grader's answer to the heading

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