Milind Soman says wife Ankita Konwar sometimes calls him ‘Papaji’, leaves internet very confused

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Milind Soman’s recent comments that wife Ankita Konwar, who is 26 years younger than him, sometimes calls him ‘papaji’, has left the internet with mixed feelings.

Milind Soman says wife Ankita Konwar sometimes calls him ‘Papaji’, leaves internet very confused
Milind Soman and wife Ankita Konwar’s age gap is the source of much trolling for the couple.

Celebrity couple Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar often have to face online flak for their age gap, which, at 26 years, is the same difference between Milind and his mother’s age. But recent comments made by the model/fitness enthusiast has renewed attention on this particular facet of their relationship.

In an ad, Milind reads social media comments. “Ankita should call him Papaji” one person wrote, to which he replied, “She does sometimes.”

Milind’s comments received mixed response on social media. “I hope Milind Soman keeps saying this stuff so that I like him less every passing day and one day will get over how hot he is,” one person wrote. “Papaji > Daddy,” wrote another. A Twitter user responded by saying, “Sigmund Freud just danced in his grave.” Another person wrote, “Nothing wrong with that.. they’re brave enough to say it as it is.. Age is just a number.”

The comments he reads in the ad range from calling him an ‘old man marrying a young lady’ to calling Ankita a ‘gold digger’. As they walk around their house, Ankita is heard saying, “If you are with somebody that probably the whole society is really, really happy with but you are not happy, then what is the point?” Milind says, “There is a big age difference. So it is the difference between my age and my mother’s age.”

Milind ends by saying, “Conventionally, society has created these barriers for people when they fall in love. These are the people who should be together, these are the people who should get together. Those are based on many things – race, religion, country, gender…I think there should not be any barriers. I think everybody should be free to choose who they love and who they like and that should be based just on feelings that they have in the heart, it should have nothing to do with the society.”

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Laxmi Bai

thumps up.. live life to the fullest

9 Months ago


I'm so impressed sir...and thats what life exactly mean ....

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Who cares if u call him Papaji r Dadaji

9 Months ago