Mukesh Ambani made a shocking announcement, now this great news has come...

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There is uproar in the telecom world at this time. The reason is for Jio to charge customers for making calls on other networks. Due to which Jio customers are planning to port to another company. The company is being criticized after this shocking announcement made by Reliance Jio owner Mukesh Ambani. But in the mean time, this is very good news for customers from Mukesh Ambani.

Mukesh Ambani made a shocking announcement, now this great news has come...
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This great news came:

Jio has started charging 6 paise/minute on other networks. After which it is being criticized all over the country. Jio has always been offering attractive offers to protect its customer base. Jio has introduced a free talk time offer to please the customers. In which 30 minutes of talk time is being given to customers to call other networks. This talk time will be given on the recharge made within 7 days since the announcement.

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Happy customers:

Jio has always been providing free offers to customers. Earlier the company used to provide 10 GB free data to the customers every month. This time the company has introduced free talk time offer to make customers happy after applying IUC charge. After which customers have expressed their happiness by using the #ilvgio hash tag on social media. If noticed, Jio is still providing better offers from other companies. Because other companies provide only 250-300 minutes to the names of Unlimited.

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Do you believe that Jio has taken this step due to other companies. Now what do you say about this article, friends? Let me know your answers and opinions in the comment box below.


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lets c what will happen

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