New Moon horoscope TODAY: How will the New Moon affect YOU and your zodiac?

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THE mysterious December New Moon passes through the star sign of Sagittarius today – but what does this celestial event mean for your horoscope?

The New Moon is widely recognised around the world as a symbol of rebirth, opportunity and a new beginning. The when the glowing disc of the Moon passes into complete darkness. Today, the New Moon vanished from sight around 7.20am UK time and dipped below the horizon just four minutes later. All of this occurrs on the 16th-degree of Sagittarius – the ninth star sign of the zodiac in the elemental house of fire.

In astrology, Sagittarius is the unruly sign of humour, generosity, freedom and travel.

But the sign is also said to be impatient, undiplomatic at times and prone to promise more than it can deliver.

Paired with the energies of the New Moon, the astrological aspect is typically a great time to reflect on your goals and where you want to be in the near future.

Astrologer Gregory Scott believes the New Moon creates the perfect opportunity for you to get your bearings straight before you set out on your journeys.

He said: “If you think of the New Moon as a mother – as the goddess – this is the time when she goes inwards, she turns her back on us and contemplates her own nature, and she’s recharging her batteries, and she’s looking to start her next monthly cycle.

New Moon horoscope TODAY: How will the New Moon affect YOU and your zodiac?
New Moon horoscope: The New Moon appears today in the zodiac of Sagittarius (Image: GETTY)

“So, it’s a wonderful energy of revving your wheels before you speed off.

“It’s a wonderful time to set intentions to say all of this energy is being pulled in and in this case, it’s Sagittarius energy, which is fire which has to do with life purpose, passion, desires and if you look at the actual glyph of Sagittarius, it’s an arrow going forwards.

“Sagittarius itself is the centaur and he doe have this bow and arrow which is always pointed to somewhere far in the future.

“And Sagittarius is great at setting inner goals, setting goals, and using the inner fire, faith and belief in oneself to actually get there.”

These individual traits make Sagittarius a special sign to embrace today, much like all of the star signs in the house of fire.

Mr Scott said Sagittarius represents an inner flame which never goes out and is carried on the inside.

This fire can manifest itself in bolstered self-confidence and a stronger belief in your own abilities.

He said: “You are the light bringer when you are in Sagittarius.

New Moon horoscope: The New Moon is considered to be a sign of rebirth and new beginnings (Image: GETTY)

New Moon horoscope: As the Moon orbits the Earth, it goes through various stages (Image: GETTY)

“Everything is dark and you show up with this inner-flame and you illuminate everything around you.

“That fire is the petrol you need to get you to your goals and it’s eternal.

“It’s an eternal flame so you never run out of energy, it allows you to set goals and as far as New Moons go, this is wonderful because a New Moon is always about pulling this energy in and starting again.”

Today’s New Moon would not be so positive, he added, it if appeared in the sign of Virgo – a more analytical and orderly zodiac.

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