Pictures showing the Reality of Student life

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Hii friends,student is phase of life when you learn and explore many things.Student life is not easy,He always fight with time and money.But today i bring some interesting pics of student life which will recall your memory.

Pictures showing the Reality of Student life
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1.This one is very true and epic.Always there are someone who do this things.

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2.Yes it is absolute true,many times teacher take extra 5 minutes and we saw all students going for lunch.

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3. If you are from hindi medium then this will for you.

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4.This punishment is so good and students like this.What is your opinion on this.

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5.This one is universal truth,We need extra time always and student life is so unique.From all of this which one you like and if you are student then press like and comment your best moment.

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Natasha 🌺🌺

student life is best life.

29 Days ago

black queen

1st pic is LEE MINHO my fav😍😍

25 Days ago


"The Hiers" lee min hoo 😍😍

29 Days ago