Pictures showing the lifestyle of every married couple

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Hello friends,Marriage is that moment that every husband and wife didn't forget. And this is why they make this day so special by celebrating and taking the pictures. But today i bring some very true images that what husband and wife feel after their marriage.

Pictures showing the lifestyle of every married couple
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1.This is biggest true what is your opinion on that.

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2.Before marriage husband do lot of flirting but after marriage he is not interested.

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3. if you are agree on this then press like otherwise comment.

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4. This image is so funny . See the condition of husband.

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Tell me which one is your favourite and if you are still single write Lucky in comment box and if you are married then share this with your friends.

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Just Accept the Truth.... That Some things can't be changed for the end of time...

29 Days ago


without these things of marriage life is just dry

1 Months ago


3rd one is natural thing after giving birth to woman , then wat abt mens stomach

21 Days ago