The great king of Kashmir who protected India from foreign enemies

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Friends, India used to be a rich and powerful nation in ancient times and it was prosperous and seeing the richness, people from all over the world wanted to rule India but there were some such powerful kings in India. Who saved India from these foreign enemies. One of them was Lalitaditya friends of Kashmir, Lalitaditya was the ruler of the Karkota dynasty of Hinduism in Kashmir.

The great king of Kashmir who protected India from foreign enemies
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Lalitaditya was also called Alexander of India. Friends Lalitaditya's rule extended from north to south of India. Lalitaditya had built many temples in Kashmir, the most prominent of which was the Martand Temple.

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Lalitaditya was a great powerful and intelligent king. He had a great powerful army through which Leyte Aditya defended India from Turks and Afghans.

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Lalitaditya also protected India from Arabia. Whenever the Arabs crossed Sindh and attacked India, Lalitaditya stopped them at the border. Lalitaditya's name is the highest in the history of Kashmir.

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Never ever heard about this 'great' raja in history lessons!! might be our mistake..

10 Months ago

Wacko Jacko

bhayya ji Arab ne India pe kab India pe humla kar diya. and when Tipu Sultan fought against British when rest of the king were British slave idiot bakhts call that he was only defending his territory but any other hindu king who fought against any foreign enemy when there was no India only princily states then you idiot call that king fighting against to defend India ESA kese chalega RSS ke bhakto

10 Months ago


This r the fools that bjp n rss made this statue to make India people fools

10 Months ago