These 5 Coins Of The World Are Most Rare And Precious Worth Rupees 140 Crore

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Today we here to talk about those 5 precious coins of the world which are rarely found. You will be surprised to know their value. So guy's let's know about them-

Double Eagle (1849)

These 5 Coins Of The World Are Most Rare And Precious Worth Rupees 140 Crore
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Only one sample is present. This coin is probably the most rare and most valuable coin in American history. It is one of the two test pieces that started the era of $ 20 coins, which was named Double Eagle. The coin was mined in 1850. It was produced with the start of the California gold race. The current sample of this coin is now preserved in the National Numismatic Collection in the Smithsonian Museum. It is worth about $ 20 million.

Flowing hair dollars

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This coin was first mined in 794, Flowing Hair Dollar was the first dollar coin issued by the United States federal government. It was designed by Robert Scott, whose size and weight were similar to the popular Spanish dollar. A coin made of silver and copper comes with one bust of freedom and one eagle on the other. It was changed next year. Historical significance and rarity make it a favorite of collectors. In 2013, a sample of 1794 mint auction was auctioned for $ 10 million.

1933 double eagle

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In the year 1933, this gold coin was mined by the United States. However, despite over four hundred samples, it was withdrawn in the same year in spite of mining. This coin, designed by Augustus St. Gaudens, depicted Lady Liberty, which had a torch and olive branch. The coins were never broadcasted and almost all the pieces were melted, though some were stolen and were in the hands of the collectors. Some of them were recovered and destroyed. In 2002 it was sold for $ 7.59 million in the auction, with less than 15 samples present.

1787 Brasher Doubloon

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This is a gold coin manufactured by New York from Golden Ephraim Brasher. They produced these coins with copper coins when the New York State legislature rejected their appeal to clear the new copper coins. Some varieties were placed on the basis of Hallmark's brochures on coins. A sample was kept, which was sold for $ 7.4 million in 2011 and in 2014 the eagle wings were sold for $ 4.5 million points. Only some coins of these types are present.

2007 Queen Elizabeth

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Created by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007 it was the world's first coin, with a face value of one million dollars. Each sample was made of 100 kg gold with 99.99% purity. Converting Queen Elizabeth II on one side and three maple leaves in contrast, she was created to promote the new line of Canadian maple leaf gold coins. Five coins have been bought so far. In 2009, a sample was sold for $ 4.02 million (about 28 million) in the auction in Vienna.

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