These 7 pictures that tell how much restrictions were there on women in the 1900s

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Hello friends, welcome to this channel of yours, today I will show you some pictures of history that caused public anger, through these pictures women of history are trying to tell you something, so this post Please read it till the end.

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These 7 pictures that tell how much restrictions were there on women in the 1900s

1) This photo is from the Marathon Race in the city of 1967, in the marathon, a woman named Katherine wanted to participate, but at that time women were not so exempt, they did not have the right to run in the marathon, so you see It must have been that when Katherine was running in the marathon on his head, then some men were being brought out of the marathon together.

2) You may be able to see this picture in which two girls are walking in a market wearing a mini skirt and all the people in the market are staring them in astonishingly, this picture dates back to 1965, when girls wear mini skirts But there used to be resistance, in that decade everybody used to express their opposition to girls wearing a mini skirt.

3) This photo is from 1960 AD, in which you should be seeing that a woman has tattooed on her upper body, let me tell you that at that time women did not have the right to tattoo for hobbies, There was complete freedom to make such tattoos.

4) You may be able to see in the picture that 2 women are walking in the streets of Toronto, wearing hot pants, this picture is in 1937, when women were advised to cover their bodies, two women shown in such a top As you did not have the freedom to wear clothes, because of which you may be seeing that the men in front are staring at them.

5) This picture is from the city of London in 1918, at that time in London women did not have the right to vote or to call, they could not stand as candidates in the election, because this time 1918 was London's main place. It should have been looking into the picture that the woman is protesting for her rights in this way.

6) This picture belongs to a professional swimmer who has swimwear suits, in the 1940s there was a restriction on women wearing swimsuit like tight clothes, this lady had to go to jail even after wearing a swimsuit.

7) This photo is Berlin, in which you can see that 2 girls are wearing a mini skirt on a bicycle and going to school, 1953 is doing a picture, that at that time girls were dressed in small clothes and there was a lot of restriction, due to which they There were also many kinds of troubles that had to be faced, at that time it was very difficult for the girls to wear a mini skirt.

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