This planet has 20 new moons; can you name them?

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This planet has 20 new moons; can you name them?

The solar system is itself a mystery that has a lot of things that need to be answered and discovered. Added to the contribution to the Science world, Scientists have found twenty new moons on this planet.

Yes, you read right, twenty new moons have been found around Saturn, giving the ringed planet a total of 82, scientists said Monday. Now, Saturn has defeated Jupiter which has 79 moons.

According to the reports of Associated Press, “It was fun to find that Saturn is the true moon king.”

Notably, in the solar system, the biggest planet-Jupiter still has the biggest moon. Jupiter’s Ganymede is almost half the size of Earth. By contrast, Saturn’s 20 new moons are minuscule, each barely 3 miles (5 kilometers) in diameter.

First published: 8 October 2019, 12:58 IST

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