Amazon's Alexa will offer user answers when she's stumped

Amazon's Alexa will offer user answers when she's stumped

Amazon's Alexa can answer all sorts of questions, but she isn't a know-it-all. Some queries leave the AI helper positively stumped.

Now, the assistant's about to get some assistance -- and it comes in the form of user-submitted answers to the questions she can't quite handle.

Amazon calls the initiative "," and it invites select users to provide answers to questions Alexa wasn't able to field. Amazon says that it's been testing the method internally for the past month, and has added "more than 100,000 responses which have been given to customers millions of times."

"The Alexa Answers website allows invited customers to answer questions, asked by other customers, that Alexa currently does not know the answer to," reads the post . "After a customer submits the answer, the answer may be given to Alexa customers. Then, when the next customer asks Alexa the question answered by the community, Alexa will have access to that answer and can choose to respond by attributing the response to "an Amazon customer" before providing the answer."

Amazon says that Alexa Answers is live today by invitation only. The online mega-retailer didn't immediately respond when asked how users were being selected for invitation. Also unclear: whether or not Amazon is vetting user-submitted answers for accuracy and appropriateness before Alexa starts parroting them to other users.

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