Avengers 4 trailer 'coming TOMORROW' – Is the title AFTERMATH or DECIMATION?

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AVENGERS 4 fans are eagerly awaiting the first teaser trailer for the Infinity War sequel which is expected tomorrow but will the film title be Aftermath or Decimation?

It's almost here.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige promise it would arrive at the end of the year and they are cutting it close.

The trailer was widely leaked to arrive on Wednesday but was reportedly postponed due to the state funeral of President Bush Sr, which not only consumed the day's news and media cycle it closed the stock exchange, meaning Disney would not profit from any spike in interest (and share values) following the biggest trailer of the year.

Most US industry sites are now predicting the trailer will drop on Friday at 9am Eastern Standard Time.

This means UK fans should expect their first look at around 2pm local time.

There has already been immense speculation surrounding the title.

Feige had said Marvel didn't reveal the title before teh release of Infinity war because it contained spoilers for that movie. He has since confessed that they may have miscalculated by building the hype to such an extreme and the worry is the title reveal will now be underwhelming.

For weeks the two title frontrunners have been Annihilation or Endgame but Marvel promise the title had not been heard already and Doctor Strange famously told Tony Stark "We are in the endgame now."

Avengers 4 trailer 'coming TOMORROW' – Is the title AFTERMATH or DECIMATION?
Avengers 4 trailer and title release date (Image: PH)

Avengers 4 trailer and title release date: Only Doctor Strange knows (Image: PH)

Annhilation sounds suitably epic and also provide a major clue to the imminent arrival of Annihilus as the main villain for the entire Marvel Phase Four.

However, that then makes the title a major spoiler, which Marvel always tries to avoid.

A new young adult book, Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War: Cosmic Quest Volume #2: AFTERMATH, just hit shelves and directly announces the arrival of a major new enemy.

It also provides two new clues for the title.

Avengers 4 trailer and title is expected tomorrow (Image: PH)

The title Aftermath has a great ring to it and perfectly suits the expected tone of a movie which follows on from the Snap.

Speaking of which, Brandon T Snider's novel also reveals that the survivors on Earth have no real idea what happened and they certainly don't refer to it as the Snap. The name on Earth is 'The Decimation.'

That would make the perfect title for Avengers 4 and leave huge room for not everyone being brought back.


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