How The December 7th New Moon In Sagittarius Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Few Weeks

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How The December 7th New Moon In Sagittarius Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Few Weeks
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Jumping to conclusions means you might jump too far.

On December 7th, we will have our new moon in Sagittarius, our first since both Venus and Mercury turned direct. For your zodiac sign and love horoscope, this event in astrology is not only about new beginnings, but rather, making sure we’re seeing things logically.

New moons are a time to set those intentions that we’d like to see grow over the coming lunar cycle, and with Sagittarius in the mix it’s all about expanding ourselves, our lives, and our opportunities. It’s not that the sky is the limit but that there simply is none.

It’s a powerful burst of energy that has a few game-changing qualities that we’ll have to be aware of and watch for, all so we can make the most of the next two weeks while this lunation is still in effect.

Sagittarius is the sign of taking everything in that he can — travel, possibilities, philosophy and spirituality. He leaves no stone unturned on his mission to explore or better himself, and that is very much the energy that will be making its way into our subconscious as we near closer to it. But we’re not completely out of the woods because both Mars and Neptune, currently in Pisces, are involved with this new moon, meaning that what we think we know as a definitive is just an illusion.

This is the new first new moon since September in which we don’t have Venus or Mercury retrograding through our love lives and shaking things up. This is a powerful force because it means there is some sort of newness, some opportunity that we now get to take a chance on that we hadn’t previously seen.

Sagittarius wants us to try new things, new possibilities, to say yes to that relationship, and take off on a whirlwind trip together. He wants us to experience life so we don’t miss anything, but as anyone who’s ever been involved with a Sagittarius will tell you, they do tend to have not just a wandering eye but heart as well.

This zodiac sign can fall into lust or admiration fairly quickly, especially if someone appeals to their free spirited desires, meaning that while we have a moon hanging out in this commitment-phobe sign, we have to make sure we’re not letting ourselves get carried away with what seems amazing and dismiss something that is real.

Adding to this aspect of illusion is Neptune, the planet that governs this very area along with dreams, intuition and love, in his home sign of Pisces, along with Mars, the planet that directs our ambitions, goals and desires. This means that the things we’re driven to do and the paths we’re directed to take can actually just be an illusion.

Mercury will have turned direct a day before, and two days after Chiron, the wounded healer, will turn direct, this entire time period is a phase for new beginnings and for doing things differently. But there is still that test of whether we are truly done with our patterns.

In many ways, this new moon in Sagittarius might end up being just that. Have we actually learned all the cosmos wanted us to during the Venus and Mercury retrogrades, or are we resisting change and even truth?

Each of us may be at a different spot on our journey, but one of the ways to tell is if you find yourself doing something in relationships and love that you’ve tried before, over and over again, each time telling yourself it will be different and each time discovering that it never really is.

If this sounds familiar, that’s okay. Sometimes we need to go through the same situation multiple times to actually learn what we were meant to so we can move forward with a clear head and heart. But learning a lesson and committing to it are two different things.

Watch out for making any big moves around this time that can’t be undone easily, like moving in together or even an engagement. If it’s real you’ll have plenty of time for that after December 15th when everyone starts to settle into these new roles. But for right now, speak your mind, your heart, but just be aware that what you’re feeling may not be reality.

Sometimes we get scared, become triggered or downright paranoid, so we start to make decisions in our love lives about what we’re feeling, not knowing that we’re not seeing the truth. Honestly, the best piece of advice for the first half of December is just wait: don’t send that text, don’t call and ends things, don’t commit, just simply wait and see where the force of the universe directs you.

This month will be an easier month that the last two (taking a sigh of relief is safe), but that doesn’t mean we will be free from the changes that we can already feel coming. There will be big shifts this month in terms of our love and relationships, even our life path.

There will be surprises and moments that we never could have anticipated, and there will also be moments where we realize we weren’t really acting from a place of truth, but rather, a place of fear.

Whatever our process is, it’s also necessary. Nothing is ever permanently over, and right now we just have to trust that we’re meant to experience whatever arises, trusting the process, trusting our hearts, and trusting that this time fear has no place in our lives.

It will be easy to jump to conclusions and think, “Well, it’s already over anyway, so I might as well just send that text,” or, “I haven’t heard from her from a while, so why shouldn’t I meet up with that new girl tonight?” We could even think the worst of someone, but we have to breathe deep knowing that until we know something as fact, we could always be wrong, and very well may end up hurting ourselves if we continue jumping to conclusions based on fear.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website Words of Kate Rose.

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