Keen Frequency, Yaazhi concerts tomorrow

Kiran Kashyap and Barath Veeraraghavan to churn out Carnatic fusion as part of ‘SecSatPondy’

Keen Frequency, Yaazhi concerts tomorrow

The December edition of “Live Music — SecSatPondy” on Saturday will feature Bengaluru-based classic rock band “Keen Frequency” followed by a performance by some Carnatic fusion by the band Yaazhi featuring violinist Kiran Kashyap and keyboardist Barath Veeraraghavan.

Keen Frequency’s vocalist Elim Pachuau and guitarist Bradley Cotter will take the stage at 7 p.m. at the renovated Bandstand.

The programme is supported by the Department of Tourism and entry is free.

According to organisers, the band’s music is defined by high energy vocals with flamboyant guitar riffs that make “for a sound that’s punchy and electrifying”.

The band is expected to present a greatest hits selection from legends such as Police, Queen, CCR, Led Zeppelin, U2, Bon Jovi, Tom Petty and Aerosmith.

What follows will be a tribute to the musical Marghazhi season as the violinist-keyboardist duo from Yaazhi engage in Carnatic fusion.

They are billed to present standard carnatic fare like the mandatory Mahaganapathim, improvisations on ragas, compositions by L. Subramaniam and Prasanna as well as a few film melodies to satiate the audience appetite for popular fare.

This edition had been planned to feature a mix of both Indian and Western music to cater to different tastes.

While youthful tourists from the metros and many city residents are keen for classic rock, rasikas and foreign tourists are eager to listen to traditional Indian music, the organisers added.

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