Never ever do these 4 things, right after waking up in the morning

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Never ever do these 4 things, right after waking up in the morning
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Since ancient times, we have been advised to wake up early in morning but admit it that its really unimaginable to wake up early, unless you have got to catch a morning flight. But getting up early is very good for health.

Nowadays many people have a habit that they use their smart phones as soon as they get up in the morning, which is a bad habit because in the morning, the most impact of the rays of the smart phones is on the eyes.

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Let me tell you that bathing is a good habit because bathing cleanse the body's filth, but many people do not know that after waking up in the morning, you should not bath at all, as the temperature of the person's body is high. This is the reason why we always take bath after 20 minutes of morning wake.

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When you wake up from the bed, you should drink two glasses of water first then after 5 minutes you should drink tea or coffee.People nowadays start with tea or coffee in empty stomach which is too bad for the health. I hope you like this article & share this post with everyone.

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well i think ,i should try to drink water in morning,thanks

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i always try to do these activities

4 Months ago

Preetham Mk

Use full Info...Thanks

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