Realme Buds review: Bass enthusiasts will love Realme’s new Rs 499 earphones

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Realme Buds come with magnetic design with kevlar cables. It’s also quite cheap at Rs 499. Check out our full review.

Realme Buds review: Bass enthusiasts will love Realme’s new Rs 499 earphones
Realme Buds take on Xiaomi’s Mi Earphones Basic (Realme )

Brand: Realme
Product: Realme Buds
Key specs: 32 Ω impendence, 3mW rated power, 106dB sound pressure level, 20-20,000Hz frequency range, <1% (1KHz, 1mW) total harmonic distortion
Price: Rs 499
Rating: 4/5

Realme is relatively a new smartphone player in India. In less than one year, the company has built a strong portfolio of design-driven smartphones in the country. Realme is now expanding to newer categories starting with earphones. The first device under this portfolio, Realme Buds, is aggressively priced at Rs 4,99.

Realme Buds competes with a range of low-cost earphones including Mi Earphones Basic offered by Xiaomi. As expected, Realme Buds bet big on design and top-end specifications. Let’s take a closer look at the new earphones.

Design: Premium experience

Trust Realme to deliver premium design at low prices. Just like its premium-looking affordable phones, Realme Buds come with features such as magnetic earbuds, Kevlar fibre, and ear tips bent at 45-degree. It also features a three-button remote (tactile inline buttons) with built-in mic.

While magnetic buds are for sure in this price bracket, Realme Buds look distinct from the competition with its big “R” branding on the sides and yellow accents at the base. The cable is roughly 1 metre long.

As far as the magnetic buds go, it helps keeping cables untangled. During our week-long usage, the buds didn’t tangle much no matter how you kept it in your pocket or your bag. The Kevlar fibre feels sturdy and durable. Note that the entire cable doesn’t have the fibre finish. Realme Buds are comfortable to use, even for longer sessions of music-streaming.

Sound quality

Realme Buds has some serious bass power. Bass-heavy songs such as No Church in the wild (Kanye West) and Papercut (Linkin Park) are pretty impressive on the device. There’s a decent amount of clarity at higher volume levels. Realme Buds are pretty loud as well with 11mm drivers. Audio does get muffled at the maximum volume, but that’s the case with most of the earphones at this price point.

If you’re not a bass fan, you may want to use the audio equalizer on your phone or a third-party application to personalise the experience. Buds, however, don’t really impress much when it comes to vocals.

Sound over voice calls is surprisingly very clear considering the mic seems bit far. The in-line tacticle buttons function as they’re expected to.


Realme Buds pack a punch for its price tag of Rs 499. The sound quality is pretty impressive, especially if you love bass-heavy music. We also liked the Kevlar fabric and magnetic design which are quite rare for this category. If you’re looking for new earphones and don’t want to spend a bomb, Realme Buds are definitely worth considering.

First Published: Feb 11, 2019 19:54 IST

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