Rich family wants to pay someone $141,000 a year to travel the world photographing them

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Do you like money? Do you like to travel? Can you take decent photo? If so, have we got the job for you.

Rich family wants to pay someone $141,000 a year to travel the world photographing them
This amazing job is paying $141,000 a year.

If travelling to exotic locations and getting paid $141,000 a year to do it sounds like your dream job then you’re in luck.

A British family is hiring a professional photographer to follow them around the world for a year and the money and the travel experiences aren’t the only perks, The Sun reports.

The job, which will start from February 2019, will involve extensive travel around the world over a 12-month period.

In addition to the salary, the family will also be covering all the food, travel and accommodation expenses for the lucky photographer.

Thirty days holiday and full sick pay are also included.

While the benefits are good, the destinations you get to visit are perhaps even better.

Australia, Europe, America and South America are all on the agenda as the family owns “a number of holiday homes and other residences” in those destinations.

This has to be one of the easiest gigs going.

You will get to accompany the family to events such as the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco and Abu Dhabi, mardi gras in New Orleans and the Rio Carnival as well.

Plus, diving in the Maldives and skiing in Val d’Isere are also on the list of things that the family is planning to do in the coming year.

So what exactly is involved in the job and how do you apply?

Well, according to the job description posted on Perfocal, the exciting role will involve working for up to 10 hours a day, taking lifestyle shots of the mystery family, who have chosen to remain anonymous for the time being, “due to the high-profile nature of the father’s job”.

You could be away for three months at a time and may only get a few days home in between trips.

The job requires you to travel around the world with the family. Picture: iStock

It’s a full-on commitment, as you may be asked to travel at the drop of a hat as well.

But for the right person, there’s also the opportunity to extend the contract beyond 12 months.

The family is looking for someone with at least five years’ experience taking lifestyle shots and can apply for the role on Perfocal’s website.

Being a professional photographer isn’t the only way you can travel around the world with a wealthy family — nannies can also do particularly well.

Earlier this year, Sun Online shared the story of a travelling nanny who has been to more than 20 countries and stayed in seven-star hotels while working for rich families.

Sarah Kinghorn revealed how her trips are all expenses paid, from accommodation and food to phone use and activities, and she gets paid $35 per hour on top of that.

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