Some Strange Facts That You Have Never Heard Before

Hello friends welcome to our channel. Guys today we are here with some strange facts that you may rarely know. Hope you will like this facts and collect good information. So guys let's see-

You may not know these facts about america. Do you know that this country consumes world highest volume of cold drinks in a year. Here people eat about 64 acres of pizza everyday. Moreover this country has the highest number dogs in the world with 50 million.

Some Strange Facts That You Have Never Heard Before
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Many of you have bought lipstick from market. And today even boys are using lipstick I don't for what reason they do so. But a women uses an average of 4 kg lipstick in her life.

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Friends you will be surprised to know that our country India doesn't come even in the top list of richest countries. The top five richest countries are Qatar, Dubai, Singapore, Luxembourg and Brunei.

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Remember the rule of life. Always remain simple and look simple. But don't be so easy that people get to understand you. If they can get you then you are no longer a respectful person in that person's vision. And if you can be the way that people think you are a gentleman then you can inspire many of your people.

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since when Dubai become a country?

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