Steven Smith, David Warner Will be Hungry for World Cup Success – Shane Warne

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Steven Smith, David Warner Will be Hungry for World Cup Success – Shane Warne

The former Australian legendary spinner Shane Warne believes the one-year ban on Steven Smith and David Warner could be a blessing in disguise for Australian cricket. Warne feels both the talisman batsman would be hungry for success in the upcoming World Cup event. In fact, there is no iota of doubt that Warner and Smith will bring back the solidarity to the Australian team.

Smith and Warner will lack match practice but they would like to hit the ground running in the IPL. Furthermore, their respective injuries have also hampered their return.

Shane Warne (Credits – Getty)

Both Smith and Warner will like to hit the ground running.

Smith and Warner suffered from an elbow injury and they are in the rehabilitation process. Meanwhile, it would be a mistake to rule out the five-times champions. Their players know the formula to savour success in the big events.

Shane Warne said while talking to Cricket Next, “They have to get back in their class. David Warner is one of the best opening batsman in the world, Steve Smith, I think probably up there with Virat Kohli. In Test cricket Smith, Kohli, probably AB De Villiers are the 3 best batsmen in the world, I’d say probably Virat at No. 1…in Test cricket Smith is just a shade behind Virat Kohli. Even though he bats like a tailender, he scores amazing amounts of runs and the way he does it, he is hard to get out. So, Smith and Warner are pure class, they walk straight back in”.

Steven Smith with David Warner. (Credits – Getty)

Both players will hold the key.

“The Australian public and the worldwide public I think will give them a hard time and the Australian side need to earn the respect back of the cricketing community around the world by their actions and the way they play their game. But I think in a way that’s why Australia has got a bit of an edge in the World Cup because Smith and Warner will be hungry. They will be so determined to play well and they’ll realize how much they have missed the game. So that’s why I think don’t write off Australia at the World Cup. I think they are going to be a big chance and I am looking forward to Smith and Warner playing”.

Steven Smith and David Warner’s return to the national side will be a big boost for their side. They are Australia’s best batsman and also have the experience under their belt.

Both the players will like to get the game time under their belt before the ODI showpiece. They haven’t played at the International level since the ball-tampering controversy. Thus, both of them will like to hit the ground running before the mega event.

Furthermore, the addition of Ricky Ponting to the coaching staff is going to do wonders for the side. Ponting knows the formula of winning the big events and his experience of World Cup wins is going to be like gold.

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