Such artifacts will never be seen before

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Such artifacts will never be seen before
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Tanaka Tatsuya has been making such artwork for some years, the artist makes beautiful artworks with the simple things around her.

You have to be creative in order to make such artworks. It is important to look at the simple things that you can get from different perspectives, then you can create such artifacts.

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Tanaka Tatsuya also uses every type of food to eat. As shown in pictures.

This rocket is made very beautifully

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Flower cabbage has been used to make the forest

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Piano is built using memory card

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In this picture you can see the artist's creativity. This photo is also very beautiful and creative.

Which of these pictures did you get the most creative, definitely tell in the comment.

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something refreshing

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that's not cabbage u idiot. it's broccoli

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Nyc creativity

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