These are the 6 Effective Tips to Impress a Girl

Hello friends, today I will share with you 7 tips to impress a girl. Hope you like this and if you do please follow our channel for more updates.

1. Be yourself

These are the 6 Effective Tips to Impress a Girl
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Yes it is true that to impress a girl you need to be yourself. Show her what you are not what you want to show her. People often ignore this.

2. Show your support

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If you are in relationship then show your support to her. Here we are not taking about the financial support but emotionally. Understand her feeling and response in a way that she feel you care about her.

3. Pay Attention

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Attention is very important when trying to impress a girl. When she is taking pay attention to her so that she finds that you are giving her importance.

4. She is Special

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I have seen that most of the people say don’t reply immediately if a girl sends a message but don’t do this ever. Reply immediately so that she think that she is special for you.

5. Praise and Compliment her

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Almost every women like praises and compliments. Giver her compliment not on physical basis but on her eyes and on her smile. She will definitely like this.

6. Well Dressed

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Well dressed doesn’t mean that you should wear brands not just a clean and fresh clothes, shoes, etc. which look good on you. It also plays an important role in impressing a girl.

Let me know what's your opinion about these tips? Also, tell us about your experience in the comments section below.




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Kattu Battu

but don't do anything overboard..

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