WWE News: Aiden English teases a switch of brand in WWE

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English hasn't been utilized on SmackDown Live in recent weeks

WWE News: Aiden English teases a switch of brand in WWE
Aiden English could be looking to move brands in WWE

What's the story?

Aiden English hasn't been utilized on SmackDown Live over the past few weeks, so the former Tag Team Champion could be looking to ply his trade elsewhere.

In case you didn't know...

Aiden English's most prominent feud on the main roster so far has been against Rusev, the two stars were once seen as tag team partners, but after Lana and English developed a number of problems, Rusev seemingly took his wife's side and turned his back on English.

The weeks that have followed have seen The Bulgarian Brute pushed into a more prominent position on SmackDown Live whilst English has been forgotten since he was on the losing side of the feud.

The heart of the matter

Aiden English has been pushed down the pecking order on SmackDown Live and now it appears that he could be looking to switch brands in the future since he recently teased a move over to 205 Live on Twitter.

English was asked by a fan about the chances of him moving over to the cruiserweight show known as 205 Live and he responded with "Hmm" which has many fans questioning whether or not this could be a route for the former NXT star to take in the future.

What's next?

Aiden English's future on SmackDown Live is definitely up in the air at present. It doesn't appear that he has a storyline moving forward after being crushed by Rusev because he built up an entire lie based on "One night in Milwaukee" even though it was obvious that nothing happened between English and Lana.

Do you think Aiden English would be a great addition to the 205 Live roster in the future? Have your say in the comments section below...

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