Pokemon Go News: More details released about Trainer Battles

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The long awaited PvP feature, Trainer Battles, is finally coming to Pokemon Go. Although there is no release date yet, Niantic announced the feature a few days ago, and now we have a few more details about how exactly Trainer Battles will work.

How do you challenge a trainer?

You can challenge nearby trainers by scanning the device of a player who is in your neighborhood. This will initiate a battle, where you can choose only three Pokemon in your party.

Moreover, you can only battle players who are within your league; this is to ensure balance. Finishing a battle will grant both players exciting rewards, and a chance at getting rare Evolution times.

Players don't need to be near each other if they want to battle Ultra Friends and Best Friends - that is, friends who they do activities with together in the game for a certain minimum number of days.

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What are leagues?

There are three leagues in Pokemon Go Trainer Battles: Great League, Ultra League and Master League.

Players who have Pokemon at 1500 Combat Points (CP) and below, will have to battle players who have Pokemon with the same CP cap. The Ultra League will allow players to have Pokemon at 2500 CP or below, with the opponents at the same level.

The Master League has no limitations, so you can have a 3000 CP Pokemon battling a 5000 CP Pokemon. CP is not all that matters though; in all the leagues, the players have to use effective strategies to win.

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Fast-paced battles

Pokemon battles are not quite like the battles in Nintendo's game console counterparts. The battles here are very fast-paced, where players can time dodging attacks.

There are also Fast Attack and Charged Attack moves to maneuver your way in the battle. Players can use items such as Stardust to enhance their Fast or Charged Attacks.

This is not a turn-based system like the console games. Be wary!

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